Welcome to JulpNodes

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About us

JulpNodes is an NFT deployed on the Solana blockchain that provides multiple utilities and benefits to the holders. This includes tokenomics like staking and access to an exclusive DAO which only 250 people will have access to. We will be providing more and more utility to our holders as time goes on. Currently we are a team of 7 people, and looking to grow our team more. 

The Team

Julpito (Wyatt)

_Ngis (David)

Community Manager 
Austin__ (Austin)




benjy (Rich Degen)
AdamJae (Taiyo Moderator)t



JulpNodes goal is to be a blue-chip exclusive DAO. We are keeping our-blue-chip utility a mystery for the long-term holders. We will continually keep adding utility until we have one of the most desired DAO's in this space at least that's our goal. Rewarding our holders with weekly royalty payments, whitelist opportunities, game tournaments inside of the DAO for money as rewards and even maybe their own personalized bots, and scripts to do whatever they please. Us as a team will be doing whatever the DAO asks us to do and what they suggest, we will be using the people as our power.